the prompt and smooth processing of order enquiries by an experienced customer service team increases sales over the long term. prompt implementation ultimately has a positive effect on customer relations and customer loyalty. it is important to us that your end customer feels valued in every process, no matter whether he or she raises a concern or voices a criticism. however, our customer service team not only handles order acceptance and complaints. we also deal with all enquiries relating to your product or service.

we process order acceptances and complaints in a highly professional manner. at the customer’s request, each order is recorded in the customer’s own data processing system. instead of standardised (and thus impersonal) customer care, our customer care employees address the end customer individually. with their support, we develop a targeted and professional communication guideline. a conversation conducted with competence creates a basis for trust and simplifies further up- and cross-selling down the line. in addition, we offer you the advantage of a multilingual solution. with this in mind, we support you in your endeavour to operate successfully on international markets.

we use the latest communication technology to ensure a seamless order service and customer care at all times. we also maintain an image in the public eye as a contemporary enterprise with a cutting edge understanding of digital services. our employees have the corresponding expertise and experience. we, therefore, communicate not just by telephone or e-mail, but also using the latest online tools. our inbound call centre is available to you every day of the year, on public holidays and at peak times.

hitting the target dead on – the great promise of modern technology and smart software. nevertheless, customers and employees alike are confronted with problems when it comes to its operation. with this in mind, our helpdesk service competently ensures that all technical enquiries and problems are dealt with quickly. appropriately trained staff in our customer services team provide easy-to-understand guidance on the desired product or service.

within first-level support, we solve technical issues and competently support your customers when it comes to product operation. of course, we also provide professional assistance when software and hardware problems occur. we also act as a competent information source regarding ordering processes, complaints and grievances. our service accompanies your customers through all phases of the ordering process, 24 hours a day.

we escalate more complex and sensitive issues – which we define with you in advance – to your specialists or second level support. in some cases, there are exceptional situations in which the it expert (or another employee with specialist knowledge) must be called in. In cases characterised by a high degree of urgency, we agree with your customers on a suitable and timely date for a call-back.

naturally, our helpdesk service also deals with classic issues and enquiries. for example, we support your customers in the ordering process and with questions concerning delivery times. we also accept changes to customer data and, if desired, store them directly in your it system. this ensures that your customers’ master data is always up-to-date. should problems occur when logging in, we provide expert assistance, just as we do with complex problems involving online applications. our 24/7 customer service and technical support ensure a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to our patience and expertise. word gets around when it comes to helpful customer service with the personal touch, and this paves the way for both optimal care for existing customers, as well as up- and cross-selling opportunities.

purposeful processes form a beneficial customer service. in order to control and implement your requirements in a qualified way, our staff members receive intensive training with regard to your offers and services. subsequently, all employees in first-level support can react effectively – having been optimally prepared – and they can advise your customers in a qualified manner. we also define second-level support with you, in order to be able to escalate the matter at hand to your specialists at just the right moment.

many companies already enjoy success in offering a 24/7 service for customer care. however, not every business can dedicate personnel resources for this, due to a lack of staff expertise and for cost reasons. with its highly professional customer service, jk development is your ideal and experienced partner for the cost-effective and resource-saving management of customer care. our inbound call centre offers you tailor-made concepts and solutions, including outside your regular business hours or as a 24/7 service, upon request.

our specially trained personnel deal with regular customer enquiries routinely and with confidence, they handle the ordering service, process revocations and complaints, guide parties through technical issues and help with user problems. the on-call service is geared towards the requirements of your company and always adapts flexibly to new requirements.

information hotlines serve to ensure customer loyalty. the first impression counts. therefore, a knowledgeable and friendly customer service – especially as the first point of contact – forms the basis for all further customer loyalty. on the one hand, our qualified staff provide your customers with a helpful overview of product ranges, individual products and changing offers. on the other hand, our customer service ensures the establishment of today’s all-important company transparency vis-a-vis the customers with dedicated information content.

an information hotline with a well-structured language menu increases the customer’s confidence in the services and products on offer and, thus, in your company. an in-depth prospective sales conversation is automatically routed to the appropriate employee with the right competence. multilingual menus offer the customer an additional service. on request, we also offer 24/7 service for each language.

aside from the rational facts, complaints and grievances are also invariably charged with emotion. solution-oriented complaints management prevents conflicts and efficiently forwards orders to the relevant departments. this means that transparent customer care increases customer satisfaction levels and sometimes even leads to constructive feedback. this improves future products, services and the ordering service processes as a whole.

depending on the type of customer concern, our customer service always responds with sensitivity and adequacy to any and all complaints and grievances. this ensures that existing customers feel an even greater sense of loyalty to the company. our trained staff do not allow themselves to be ruffled, even in extreme situations. a successful solution to a problem always increases the customer satisfaction factor, thereby ensuring that a positive memory of the experience prevails.

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