sophisticated b2b marketing helps to capture the campaign’s success statistics while the campaign is still running. this allows current customer acquisition practices to be optimised and future offers to be marketed in a more targeted manner. by structuring an approach in this way, b2b marketing makes it possible to open up new market segments and to dominate the competition. valuable ideas can often be gained from telemarketing. conversations with customers often reveal information about customer wishes that had not been considered before. in addition, customer data that is collected from telephone canvassing often reveals unexpected sales opportunities and market areas.

enormous reach can be generated with newsletters and mailing campaigns. nevertheless, it’s annoying when these means of digital customer dialogue disappear into the spam folder. more often than not, e-mails are ignored. these obstacles do not exist with telemarketing. communication is direct and instantaneous. we have the full attention of the contact person during the conversation. this requires solid preparation. the great advantage of new customer acquisition – when based on a telephone acquisition guide – is to see the direct reaction of the contact person. even after a brief conversation, our qualified employees know whether further measures with the customer are worth pursuing, and when the next contact or follow-up makes sense.

as telemarketing specialists, our staff have the necessary intuition for modern b2b marketing. based on the target group, we always find the appropriate approach for a trust-based approach to relationship management. based on precise planning, we successfully implement every campaign strategy and win your customers over for your services and products.

as a professional call centre, jk development offers optimal support for new customer acquisition. we work with highly qualified team members. our b2b marketing teams can also be put together with specialists depending on the advertising campaign, services and products in question. this means that our telemarketing is individually geared to the respective industry and the various requirements underpinning customer contact. furthermore, our staff have a genuine knack for pursuing successful conversations with those decision-makers at management level within companies. for every position of any company size, we will find the suitable approach. with a personalised approach to customer acquisition, we increase the success rate for your targeted campaign.

we also conduct a comprehensive needs analysis before we start acquiring new customers, and we advise on the most suitable strategy in each individual case. we select suitable company addresses from our comprehensive database so that we can offer products and services to specific sectors and target groups.

we are happy to handle telephone sales via our outbound call centre. furthermore, taking care of customer care with the help of our inbound call centre, if necessary as a next step, is no problem for us.

the goal of b2b marketing is not only to acquire new customers, but also to stay one step ahead of the competition. even if the company does not plan to grow, the customer base can remain lucrative by acquiring new customers. telemarketing also ensures that existing customer volumes are increased. in many cases, potential customers already have existing supply structures through competitors. a better offer, however, often wins customers over. beyond the service and the product, customer service also plays a decisive role. with our helpdesk and on-call service offers, significant market advantages are created through personal and trustworthy customer service.

one advantage of working with jk development stems from our daily use of modern communication methods. the digitalised world of work makes it possible to use entirely new methods of establishing contact, in addition to telephone marketing. depending on which sector you want to target for your new customer acquisition, b2b marketing – working hand-in-glove with the latest technology – is well worthwhile. as a result, a gentle but effective new customer acquisition process can be developed. in doing so, contact media mesh together in a well-thought-out way. the result is a convincing b2b marketing operation that grants access to the market segment without seeming to be trying. after all, you don’t want to annoy the customer or even seem pushy.

by using various means of communication, we react quickly to enquiries and can provide information on new offers with ease. this strengthens the customer’s trust in the service or product. however, the heart of a well-organised new customer acquisition approach remains the professional telephone acquisition guide. the personal conversation on the phone still counts as an art form in b2b marketing. just like that, our professionals can respond to every eventuality. in addition, we gain valuable information about the customer in telemarketing. with this data, subsequent campaigns can be supported and, furthermore, customer loyalty can be strengthened.

within telephone marketing, the steps for a promising new customer acquisition approach must be determined tactically and in a well-thought-out manner. therefore, we develop the appropriate telephone acquisition guideline for each client. this is based on the targeted pre-selection of company addresses and points of contact, which themselves are rooted in a precise potential and needs analyses. thereafter, our professional telephone marketing operation is guided by this analysis to ensure that every customer conversation is geared to the target group.

our professional agents identify the client’s needs with great care and generate interest while explaining the benefits of the campaign/offer. subsequently, our experienced staff can generate appointment setting. this helps our client’s sales force to focus on their core competency of selling directly to prospective clients. we also use our telephone customer acquisition guide to assess the exact state of readiness of our client’s prospects. after all, an appointment is only worthwhile if the prospects show a corresponding interest in the offer.

by establishing direct telephone contact, the personal wishes and needs of the customers can be understood. we use this new data to improve the customer acquisition practices of the sales force. the collected data is also used to improve the customer care following the acquisition of new customers. the more information the customer database contains, the more specifically new products can be offered and tested, and with greater feedback. in this sense, telemarketing is suitable as a testing ground for new advertising campaigns and services.