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the baseline situation

z-punkt consulting is a leading management consulting boutique based in zurich. the team is interdisciplinary and international. they are passionate about results-oriented impact and swiss quality.

the holistic approach is based on the conviction that strategy and context, people and organisation, culture and leadership, as well as process and digital solutions, are all interlinked. digital transformation takes place in a socio-technical context. z-punkt consulting sees itself as a builder of bridges that successfully connects people, organisations and strategies with digital solutions:


to be able to concentrate on the core business, z-punkt consulting relies on the expertise of jk development and, therefore, 100 % on its new customer acquisition and integrated lead management.

the tasks

in addition to successfully conducted campaigns, jk development has been commissioned with the intensive support of generated leads and existing customers since april 2021.

inside sales is a continuous process aimed at keeping in touch with customers and prospects.

jk development maintains both the leads generated by telemarketing and data from the existing contacts. this ensures permanent contact maintenance, and no lead is allowed to fizzle out. follow-up appointments are always set at the right time, and project management regularly reviews the results with the responsible individuals at z-punkt consulting, assesses the situation, and uses feedback rounds to ensure smooth inside sales.


the success

by august 2022, after optimised briefings and discussion guidelines, a relevant number of follow-up appointments were able to be arranged.

since july 2022, another telephone marketing campaign has been filling the pipeline again. through the interaction of new customer acquisition and inside sales campaigns, five to seven appointments per month are additionally created from existing data.

of course, the quality of the follow-up appointments from the existing data is very high since these companies are already familiar with z-punkt consulting and would like another appointment.

inside sales z-punkt consulting gmbh

1. telephone marketing campaign
2021 – 2022
90 appointments generated
10.8% success rate

2. telephone marketing campaign
since July 2022
60 appointments (planned)

inside sales
since march 2022:
18 appointments so far

the customer’s
existing portfolio
and the telephone
marketing campaigns

region and language:
expansion to french switzerland

what does the client say?

after the convincing results of the first telephone marketing campaign – 90 appointments for our company’s complex services – we have initiated a meaningful continuation with jk development’s inside sales program. this included not only leads generated from the telephone marketing campaign but also dormant contacts from our crm database.

the continuous follow-up with potential customers is a real benefit for us in the close cooperation with jk development. In addition to the acquisition of new customers, we rely on continuous lead management, which drives our business.

this makes inside sales an indispensable program for us.

M. Zurfluh

«for us, it was a logical consequence to outsource inside sales from the telephone marketing campaign, in order to run lead management in cooperation with jk development continuously and as an integral part of our acquisition and sales processes.»

Matthias Zurfluh, lic. phil.
Managing Partner Z-PUNKT CONSULTING GmbH
Bleicherweg 10, CH-8002 Zürich, T +41 44 221 1010

the project manager’s view

rita wild

the regular exchange between the participants, which requires in-depth attention in an inside sales campaign, is an essential factor for success. the results have been significantly improved from the first to the second campaign, which is one reason for the close exchange.

this includes monthly to bi-monthly discussions between project management and the responsible parties on the customer’s side, in which, on the one hand, the results achieved are evaluated, and, on the other hand, the contacts to be prioritised are identified, and possible adjustments needed to address the leads are discussed.

jk development – by your side

jk development is a swiss service provider that focuses on business-to-business telemarketing and customer care services.

by outsourcing to a specialist partner, both quality and flexibility, as well as the potential for acquisition of new customers, are significantly increased.

the spectrum of services at jk development includes telephone marketing and inside sales, inbound services and address management.

in accordance with the motto “be the first”, jk development is paving the way into new markets.

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