when compared to classic advertising – such as poster campaigns, commercials, trade fairs and also digital marketing – telephone acquisition has proven to be the most efficient marketing instrument for gaining new customers, with the best return-on-investment ratio. our professional team in the outbound call centre focus the conversation entirely on your defined target group. this guarantees a high success rate, as well as true and long-term customer loyalty. we also deal with difficult conversation situations in telesales in an experienced and target-oriented way.

successful telesales requires solid preparation. every project is, therefore, carefully planned with our client. accordingly, the personal conversation with the customer during telephone sales is always based on the correct target group definition. together with our clients, we gear our outbound call centre to the specific requirements of the client. by adequately determining the appropriate point of contact, our experienced employees conduct personalised new customer acquisition and generate both qualified leads and appointments for your sales department.

our telemarketing service for appointment setting allows you to spend more time on your core business. we believe that every company should focus on its core competencies. with our telemarketing service, we arrange appointments with your potential customers for our clients. by doing so, we ensure that the appointments are of a high quality so that the acquisition of new customers is optimally prepared. in addition to outbound telemarketing, we also provide customer care services with our multilingual inbound call centre.

the successful acquisition of new customers stands and falls with the appropriate timing of any call and with the right decision maker. when appointment setting, we, therefore, pay close attention to the appropriate time for pursuing telephone acquisition. our detailed information regarding the company addresses in our database shows us when the time is right for contacting a decision maker. we also collect important information in preliminary talks through our telemarketing outbound service and prepare it for the individual acquisition of new customers at a later point in time, if necessary.

our telemarketing team in the outbound call centre produces the largest call volumes during telephone acquisition. well-organised customer care starts with the careful selection of addresses. trough us, industry-specific company addresses with the relevant points of contact and their position can be obtained. outbound calls require a high level of attention to detail and customer sensitivity. despite good planning, unexpected situations can arise. when in contact with decision-makers at executive management level in various industries, our team members respond thoughtfully and with carefully chosen words. we handle both new customer acquisition and telesales in a competent and well-informed manner.

every well-managed outbound telemarketing campaign is based on the precise analyses of needs and potential. first of all, we elicit the actual situation and determine the additional amount of hidden potential. furthermore, we define your target group and buyer persona with the highest degree of priority. based on this, we search for suitable addresses from our database for successful telephone acquisition. subsequently, we develop an optimal customer conversation guide. this is because only by addressing the customer in a needs-based manner can we keep their attention.

a call centre for outbound telemarketing forms the professional interface between you and your customers. our offers for new customer acquisition and telesales not only save costs thanks to a targeted customer approach characterised by maximum efficiency, but also facilitate the work by your sales field service. regardless of this point, long-term customer loyalty is the stated goal. In order to ensure greater sustainability, targeted care and active existing customer supervision are, therefore, necessary. by doing so, we create trust and are also able to reach your customers for targeted cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

we aim cross-selling or upselling measures at both existing and new customers. if our client offers products and services that are structurally intertwined with each other, these proactively strengthen customer loyalty. we use customised offers to increase the customer’s interest. our team in the outbound call centre also handles the systematic follow-up of incoming e-mails and enquiries that go hand-in-hand with these offers. in addition, we provide you with a perfect interface to customer care. our customer care includes, among other things, professional order acceptance and complaints processing.

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