• mapping the buyer experience to the sales journey and breaking it down into ideal stages with optimal actions for each step
  • control of all deals in the pipeline with the goal of shorter sales cycles, higher win rates and larger deal sizes
  • customised database for managing all contact data for accounts and ongoing campaigns
  • management of all marketing activities and the entire communication history of each lead in the pipeline
  • centralised campaign reporting dashboard for real-time campaign monitoring and subsequent data analysis
  • tracking of data to evaluate the behaviour and interest of potential new customers
  • “smart calling”: activated leads from hubspot are transferred to inside sales at jk development for further qualification
  • management of selected linkedin profiles, plus integration into the marketing strategy
  • design of effective campaigns, taking into account the corporate identity, to ensure that the target groups are addressed in a targeted manner.
  • use of the linkedin sales navigator to identify the relevant contacts from the appropriate industry, filter on a data basis and effectively integrate into the network

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